Ranching certainly isn’t your average job. Think you have the skills to turn your family’s rundown homestead into the most prosperous ranch in the valley? Then it’s time to head out into the wilderness in this captivating single and multiplayer open-world simulator.


The years have not been kind to your family ranch and it will take time and money to restore it to its former glory. Buy tools from the local hardware store and purchase a range of vehicles from the garage to help with your rebuilding projects.

Renovate the main house, decide what livestock you want to farm and construct the barns, pens and runs you’ll need to keep them safe and secure.

Builder your ranch
From ruin to homestead


Grand building projects are one thing. Paying for them? That’ll come down to your ranching skills.

Overseeing a profitable operation is all about the day-to-day. Once you’ve selected and taken on your livestock, regular feeding and watering will keep them healthy.

Successful breeding and careful rearing of the young will help boost the numbers in your herds and flocks — and the more produce you have to sell, the more income you’ll receive for all that hard work.


How you run your ranch is up to you. Breed livestock and sell meat to the local fast food diner, or use cow’s milk to produce cheese. Keep hen’s safe and you will be rewarded with profitable eggs. The hardware store will act as your hub of commerce.

Ranch Sim Diner
Meat and cheese trade


There’s a large open-world environment outside your cosy homestead and it’s teeming with wildlife. So when you feel like slowing the pace, why not grab your trusty rifle and head out into the forest to stalk deer and hunt bears?

But remember, the wilderness lives by its own laws and you aren’t the only skilled hunter in the neighbourhood. Sometimes your steady hand and sharp eyes will also be needed back on the ranch to stop hungry wolves turning your off-grid dream into a nightmare.


Not only are horses trusty companions, they will be a valuable asset to the ranch.

Bid and buy your horses at the local auction, train them to improve stamina, handling and speed, then sell them for a high profit. Or keep them as the best way to get around your ranch and explore the vast valley.